I decided to look at Dreamworks as the company that is great to work for. Dreamworks, one of the major production companies in Hollywood, fosters a great atmosphere where employees are cared for and motivated. When producing a film, the work is endless and tiresome. However, Dreamworks’ management tries to do whatever to alleviate these drawbacks. For example, they often have extravagant, but FREE, breakfasts and lunches. Not only are these perks free, but employees are also being paid while they are eating their free meals. In addition to these perks, the company also offers other features such as very good health care benefits, domestic partner benefits for same sex couples, paid sabbaticals, compressed workweeks, and they also have an on sight fitness center.

Aside from these special features, the company culture at Dreamworks is also a huge asset. Numerous employees have said they love working at Dreamworks because of the collaborative and open atmosphere the company fosters. In addition, the company encourages employees to be creative and to have fun in doing so. For example, the company offers stipends to its employees so that they may personalize their work stations. Thus, with all these things combined, Dreamworks has consistently been voted as one of the best companies to work for by Fortune. In 2013, Fortune rated Dreamworks as the 12th best company to work for in the world.

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  1. Lindsey F. says:

    That sounds awesome! Clearly Dreamworks cares about its employees but what about other stakeholders? Do they have any outside suppliers or vendors they work with? What about the environment? Or the local community?

  2. eric says:

    Well, as a Stakeholder myself, I must comment, I do like their movies and I appreciate the care they put into them! I think this is a great example. The details of their employee treatment makes me want to get creative and apply there for a job! I’d eat so much more if I had free breakfasts and lunches I’m getting paid to eat!

    On a more serious note, I appreciate that you focused on their internal stateholder management and especially their company culture. Seems like a cool company.

  3. Jordi says:

    I agree with Lindsey. Besides, they aren’t exactly free, are they? I mean, a free meal is one someone hands you walking down the street. In some sense, the “perks” are part of the compensation for their labor.

  4. Charles says:

    It sounds like Dreamworks is an ideal company to work for because they take care of their employees. It seems that they are company who understands the importance of making happy workers, since happy workers work harder.

  5. Steph P. says:

    Last summer, I worked at Paramount Pictures, another entertainment company. When you work at Paramount, the first thing they tell you is, “Paramount workers are the happiest” (I heard this about 34848 times during my internship). I know Fortune gave this rating to Dreamworks, but I would definitely hand it over to Paramount. Not only did Paramount incorporate the same “perks” that Dreamworks does (on site gym, paid corporate lunches, benefits to same sex couples, etc) but there was an on-site hair-dresser, free daycare, coupons for business outside the lot, health and wellness courses, volunteer opportunities with free transport and food, iPad giveaways to support efficient business practices, and networking events with Senior VPs. On a movie lot, things are extremely hectic – people are filming non-stop, speeding past you in golf carts, and interns are running around with coffees in hand. As hectic as every day life is on the lot, I’d say the focus on the happiness of their employees definitely makes Paramount a happy place to work, and I’m sure Dreamworks is a close second… 😉

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