This week’s blog prompt concluded an interesting end to our semester where our thoughts were provoked and we were introduced to several alternative views on various subjects. Consequently, it is only proper to end with a few more thought provoking questions that pertain to this week’s blog. After reading each post it appears that everyone truly appreciates the well-rounded knowledge that a liberal arts education provides. However, with the increasing demand for a college education along with the increase in college tuition, how do we ensure that society can satisfy this growing demand for the liberal arts?

Perhaps this question may be a bit too much to answer during finals, but it is questions like these that, from taking this class, we will be able ask ourselves. And so without further a due, here are the finalists for this week’s blog council. Enjoy and peace out Bucknell!


Vezina Trophy Presented to…Steph: The first award for the last blog council goes to Steph. She does a great job of not only describing the advantages of a liberal arts education, but also by bringing in her personal experiences. She explains how through her fund raising and networking activities at Bucknell, she has seen how there are graduates from liberal arts institutions that hold positions of leadership in various fields. Finally, Steph does a great job of championing the intellectual thought processes and discussions of a liberal arts education that can only occur in a classroom setting.


Rocket Richard Trophy Presented to…Abby: Abby did a great job highlighting the perks of a liberal arts education. Specifically, she mentions how having a liberal arts education helps one succeed because it causes people to have a wider worldview. She throws in a great quote when she writes, “There has always been a belief that if you can walk a mile in another person’s shoes, and see things from different perspectives, you will be better off.” In addition to this point, she also stresses that, while a liberal arts education helps individuals see things from different perspectives, one must also have the desire to see these perspectives.


And now for the Hart (MVP award for all you non-hockey fans) award of this week’s blog council…


Hart Trophy Presented to…..Matt: Matt had a very interesting post highlighting the benefits of a liberal arts education and how it helps society” “think” in relevant terms. He poses an interesting argument saying that as a society we have abandoned the correct way to “think” about various topics and issues. He does a great job of referencing Cambridge and Oxford and how they encourage thought in order to debate and solve the world’s problems. Great job Matt!



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  1. Jordi says:

    And the Coach of the Year….

    Wes! For such a good report.

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