This is a page I will update regularly.  This page is mostly blogs.   You can also see an older list of resources here that are not really blogs.

BU Library News sources for Management.  In addition, through Bucknell, you can access the VERY cool, very high quality collection called Global Issues in Context.  You need to be logged in to do so.

Also, Brody, our Info Maven from the Library, showed me the TV archive which has like all TV news archived.

Research and White Papers Site [BGS wiki] for this Class.


News and Commentary (You want REAL left-right difference without screaming nuts?  See these)

The Spectator (British one)


Indy Media Center (aggregator of REAL indy media)

National Review Online

Think Progress

Al Jazeera in English

Films for Action

Jordi’s Personal Libraries of Information

I keep several public collections of information.

Diigo is the most varied.  From politics to teaching to my taste for expensive and weird bookshelves, it is all there.

Pearltrees is a lovely, visual interface.  That collection is more “select” and has meta categories like TeachingResearch , and even more specific like Marcellus Schale (Fracking) where one other person teamed up with me to add links.

The Bucknell Library uses Worldcat.  It  has a public list feature.  I have place items there (books!) that looked relevant for some part of the class.

Organization Theory/Studies/Science Blogs

Org Theory.Net (Group blog of several organization scholars)

Authentic Organizations (CV Harquil)

Economic Sociology

Work Matters (Bob Sutton)

Contexts (Group Blog of Sociologists)

Jeffrey Saltzman’s Blog

The Society Pages (pick any one) on that page: Sociological Images

Entrepreneurs or Business Practices

Springwise (daily dose of entrepreneurial ideas) (Hard to say but Kurt approves the content!)

WSJ Venture Capital

Trust Matters

Total Trust

Bret Simons- Positive Org Behavior

Business for a Better World

Business Ethics

Business Ethics Blog (Chris MacDonald)

Economics/Finance Blogs


Baseline Scenario [Good stuff on financial crisis]

Economist (the magazine) Free Exchange

Brad DeLong

Financial Crisis Policy and Reporting

ProPublica– Independent news and great coverage of the stimulus.

Planet Money (NPR Blog and podcasts)

Financial Armageddon (EJ found it…..)

Technology and Cyberspace (and Virtual Worlds)

Terra Nova

New World Notes (Coverage of Second Life)

Boing Boing

The Blogosphere and Social Media


Seth Godin

Clay Shirky

JOHO (David Weinberger, tech writer and BU Alum).

Social Media Marketing Blog (Scott Monty’s personal blog.  He is head of social media for Ford by day.)

Civil Society, Social Entrepreneurs

Social Edge (has lots of internal blogs)

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Politics and Political Theory

The Caucus (NY Times)

American Thinker (Politically Conservative Opinion and Analysis)

Sports, Culture, Life

Fanhouse (Alex’s)


Blogging tips

One Cool Site

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