SAT optional

In no time in the history of modern education has the American educational landscape faced so many radical challenges. From attacks on the humanities and liberal arts in higher education, to the incorporation of new technologies in elementary schools, American education at every level has acknowledged that our current system needs to change. One of the most controversial topics that have emerged from these debates is the proper course of action to take regarding the continuation of widespread standardized testing and the implementation of a normative, core national curriculum. Specifically, the continued use of the Scholastic Assessment Test, more commonly known as the SAT Reasoning Test, has come under increasing fire from a large number of academic institutions, with a significant number of colleges and universities having now eliminated mandatory reporting of scores, or waiving the requirement for any standardized test in order to gain admissions entirely. It is my opinion that the continued use of the SAT and other standardized tests is harmful to the American education system at all levels, and will produce a number of unintended and significantly problematic social and economic consequences. The purpose of this white paper serves to analyze the effectiveness of the SAT Reasoning Test and provide a recommendation to remove standardized testing from the American educational system in order to provide a fairer college admissions process and to benefit pre-collegiate education.

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