While trying to identify sources for my white paper that pertain to the areas of business, government, and society, I have attempted to identify multiple sources that pertain to sub-areas of these subjects. I think this is important because balancing the federal budget will affect various areas of business, government, and society. Thus, one of my goals for this paper is to describe these effects to my audience which consists of people that are involved in various areas of business, government and society.

Of these three areas of business, government, and society, I think that the most diverse area that will be affected by the government’s efforts to balance the federal budget is society. Throughout the past few years as the federal deficit has increased, there have been increasing concerns from different parts of society over how their interests will be affected by the new balanced budget. Some of these areas include education, public services such as transportation, health care, taxation, and social security. Though it is difficult to address every single social issue in my white paper, I will attempt to identify the areas that have been the most debated/discussed.

After taking these points into account, I decided to first focus on the issue of education. This is a highly debated topic because the decisions that are eventually made in this process will affect schools at the local and state level as well as colleges and universities. Hence, the new budget cuts will affect various areas of society that attend community colleges, public high schools, and state universities.

After trying to find a source that discussed balancing the federal budget and its potential effects on education, I found an article written by Alan Berube who is a Senior Fellow and Deputy Director at the Metropolitan Policy Program and was a former policy advisor for the U.S. Treasury department. The article, entitled “Education and the Audacity of Hope”, was published in the Brookings Institute Press which is a part of the Brookings Institute which is private non-profit organization that produces research on U.S. domestic and foreign policy (Brookings). This source provides an abundance of information on various educational issues and how they will be addressed/affected by balancing the federal budget. In addition, the article discusses how schools at each level will be affected by the new balanced budget.


Berube, Alan. “Education and the Audacity of Hope.” The Brookings Institution. N.p.,   18 Feb. 2011. Web. 21 Apr. 2013. <http://www.brookings.edu/research/opinions/2011/02/18-budget           education-berube>.


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  1. Jordi says:

    A white paper that overall suggest how to balance the federal budget and ALSO analyzes how that could affect education is a HUGE task. I worry it is far too much for this paper.

    The source is a fine example of a society source.

    If your main interest is how to balance the budget, I think you could focus on a few ways to do that.

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