In my white paper I want to write about the broad legal scope of corporate rights through personhood. However, in this proposal I want to explore a possible solution that is a compromise between both sides of the debate on corporate personhood.  This solution can be found in a B corporation which aims to make corporations “meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance and, accountability and transparency”.  In my opinion, B corporations attempt to fix many of the adverse social costs of considering a corporation to be a “legal entity”.

B corporations are attempting to redefine success in business.  They believe that the” government and the non-profit sector are necessary but insufficient to address society’s greatest challenges”. They consider businesses to be the most powerful agent of change in our society. They also recognize that businesses should create value for society and not just their shareholders. B corporations believe as a result of their success, “individual and communities will enjoy greater economic opportunity and society will address its most challenging environmental problems”.

B corporations embody what many would say a corporation should be, and as a result B corporations differ greatly from typical corporations. They challenge the seemingly prevailing reality of corporations only existing for accruing profit for themselves and shareholders by attempting to create a movement of sorts that attempt to allow for corporations to add value to societies.

The existence of B corporations can possibly help my argument in my paper, because they are arguing that there is a problem with corporations, they are just much more conservative in their solution to the problem.  As a result I will probably mention B corporations in my paper at some point.

I think this information considering B corporations are reliable and accurate since it is everyday information about their mission and purpose.

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