One of the great things about a liberal arts education is the ability to take a variety of classes and learn in different environments. I’ve had classes ranging from classics to psychology to earth science, and I honestly feel it does give me a fair return on my education. It is the variety of courses that will be particularly helpful with my future career goals. Heading towards a career in business, I knew there were programs where all I would do for four years was study only management, but I don’t think that method of approach is necessarily the best depiction of life after university. In my opinion, and limited working experience, having a small working knowledge on a mix of topics is what really counts. It is important to be able to put yourself in different shoes, and going outside your boundaries into other areas of study helps with that.

Personally, I have found many different courses and departments I have thoroughly enjoyed. My first semester freshman year, I took a class called Classical Mythology that I still consider one of my favourite classes I have ever taken at Bucknell. In addition, I found both Management 101 and Creative Writing: Nonfiction very interesting and hands on. Part of the reason I loved all of these classes was because of the professors teaching the course, and how easy it was to get in contact with them. As far as courses that I didn’t find helpful, there are certainly ones that I do not think will directly pertain to my future career, but like I mentioned earlier, gaining knowledge about a new topic is always helpful in some way, from helping you take a new perspective on something to faking your way through a dinner time conversation. Do I think that I will need to know geology for my future career in business? Probably not. But do I think it might be useful in some situation in the future? Most definitely. I love being able to take a variety of classes, and think that it will benefit me in the future, which is why I’m continuing to try different courses next year!

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  1. Charles says:

    You bring up a interesting point when you said,”having a small working knowledge on a mix of topics is what really counts”. I never thought about a liberal education like that but I think your right, this sort of education enables us to better understand our co-workers and maybe new friends. Not to mention, it makes us more marketable as someone who dabbles in a variety of subjects.

  2. wesmw says:

    I completely agree with you that having a small working knowledge with a variety of topics is extremely beneficial. I think that if you are educated in more areas you are more in touch with the world around you. In addition, having knowledge in a variety of areas allows you to network with various sorts of people.

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