Although Bucknell has the highest tuition rates, I do think that it ranks as one of the best liberal arts universities in the country. With graduation looming, I have been increasingly reflecting on my time at Bucknell and how I will be able to apply my learning experiences here to the real world. After much reflection, I definitely think that the diverse curriculum Bucknell has offered me will help me succeed in the real world. However, it is important to define the kind of success I am talking about. While Bucknell has provided me with several tools to succeed in the business world, I think that it has also provided me with tools to network with different groups of people. With that said, I think it is unique how Bucknell has provided me with these tools inside of the classroom rather than outside of it. I think this is unique because one of the ways in which people usually learn to connect with other people is through practicing it in a social setting. However, with Bucknell being an extremely homogenous place, students here generally have to look to other venues in order to master the practice of networking. Over the course of the past few years when I have had summer internships, I have personally experienced the benefits of Bucknell’s diverse curriculum. I have found myself in various situations where I am talking to someone at work or in a business setting about another topic or point of view that I was able to learn more about from a class I took at Bucknell. For example, my sophomore year I took a class called East Asian politics. This class focused on the countries of Japan, North and South Korea, and China. With these three countries being extremely prevalent in the news over the last decade, I have frequently had conversations with individuals outside of school that revolve around these topics. As a result of taking this class, I made it a point to take at least one class each semester that was not a requirement for my major and that could offer me various view points on the world we are living in.

After having taking several diverse courses throughout my Bucknell career, I have also found that I have been more in tune with the world around me. Over the past few years, I have increasingly noticed that if I hear or see something in a public setting or in the media, I can apply it to something that I learned about in college. For example, during sophomore year I went out to Beaver Creek, Colorado to go snow boarding. While driving to our hotel, I kept looking at the huge cliffs that lined the road. I noticed that several of them had noticeable ridges from shifting due to plate techtonics. I found this fascinating because I had just taken a geology course that discussed these kinds of movements and the process through which molton rock formed into these cliffs and mountains. Thus, one of the most important aspects thaat I will take away from Bucknell is it making me more knowledgeable about the world around me.

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  1. Lindsey F. says:

    I see your point. I guess I didn’t think of it that way because I’ve been so frustrated with specifically the school of management. But the same thing happened to me my freshman year, I was driving home (after taking geology) and realized that I too could identify plates shifting and different geological formations in the rocks of the mountains I drove past. I also have found that I can apply ethical terminology in conversations after taking an ethics class. Good points wes!

  2. Steph P. says:

    It seems that you took full advantage of your $200+k! I really like how you made it a point to diversify your schedule and take classes outside of your major. Although I took courses that pertained only to my major, I too have found myself in situations where I can talk about corrupt governments in Latin America, child soldiers in Rwanda, or what Emily Dickinson is trying to convey in her poetry. I’ve been able to use these random nuggets of knowledge in interviews, networking events, at my job, and even at dinner with my family. Even though I may have not diversified my schedule as much as you have, the benefits we’ve both received from taking a variety of classes were definitely worth it.

  3. Jordi says:

    Great stories! I still remember little tid bits from my own “get the science requirement class” out of the way- conservation biology.

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