Since I was seven, it was decided in my household that I would attend one of the UC universities. What more could a student going to public school in California want? However, my life ended up taking a detour. Bucknell offered me a full-tuition academic-leadership scholarship through the Posse Foundation. Posse’s goal is to take a group of students living in major cities (Cali, D.C., Boston, NY, etc), have them endure a rigorous  8-month pre-collegiate training program, then ship them off to prestigious liberal arts universities all over the country  in hopes that they will use that education to become the “leaders of this country in every industry, occupation and profession”. 

In the months after receiving my scholarship, I had a ton of doubts about coming to Bucknell:
1. It’s in the middle of Bumblef***  Pennsylvania

2. No one on the west coast had even heard of it (since it wasn’t a top tier UC or Ivy)

3. I didn’t know where I’d find a good hot sauce

4. Racism

5. J Crew, Vineyard Vines, and Sperrys replacing  PacSun, Goodwill thrifting, and Converse

I’ve got about 769842 more but this blog would be way too long. Still interesting though.

So now to actually answer our prompt.

Working at the student calling program, I solicit donations from alumni by talking up Bucknell and all it has to offer. I’d say that in almost 95% of my conversations, the alumni are very satisfied with their liberal arts education, and I  agree for the most part. Bucknell does make it accessible to take a variety of courses, majors, and minors (not sure about the engineers). For me, the most influential class I’ve taken has been Decision Sciences with Alia Stanciu. She’s a tough, but fantastic professor who really knows her way around Excel. I just received an internship for a position right now that is requiring me to use Oracle, a program she insisted we learn to better our understanding of the course. There’s a definite probability that I wouldn’t have landed this internship without knowledge of that program. The only issue I have with a liberal arts education, is that I don’t feel challenged enough. I always say that high school for me was way more challenging than Bucknell (with APs and whatnot). I assumed a libarts education would have kept me extremely busy with the variety of courses I’d be taking, but I’m graduating early and never overloaded, so I couldn’t have been that busy. In a sense that makes me sad because I wanted college to push me. I feel I’ve been pushed more socially (to understand East coast culture), than academically, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.


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  1. Charles says:

    I definitely understand most of your reservations for not wanting to come to Bucknell. I also can say that overall I feel like I have not been challenged that much at Bucknell either. Even with balancing football and school I have not found school here to be as “hard” as people say that it is, however I think some of the blame is on me because of some of the classes I have chosen. Furthermore, it seems the new curriculum for Management has been intensified and is more challenging. I have a friend who said he had to take 5 classes as a freshman in the new major. So maybe we just were born too early. 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Well, if neither of you find Bucknell challenging I only have two ideas; 1) You’re both wicked smaht, and 2) Come be an engineer and hate your life with me, you might feel differently 😉

    It’s an interesting point, though. I have to be honest, school has been pretty rough. I’ve made it with pretty good grades, but I really had to bust my ass to do that. I hear all these fairytales of “joke classes” and “easy-A’s,” and apart from Anthropology 101 (what a sad excuse of a class), I’ve never had that. But I hear a lot of these ridiculous classes where people get to read children’s books and have basically no work, or the grading is overly-forgiving to the point of absurdity (month-long extensions on papers with multiple rewrites until you get an A basically). So maybe someone can enlighten me on whether or not you think Bucknell has lowered its standards for whatever reason, and also explain why that’s the case? And then why I’m a masochist and chose engineering?

  3. Abby says:

    First off, I totally understand the lack of a good hot sauce here. I feel the same way. After 15 years of eating Tex-Mex food, Pennsylvania’s attempt just isn’t the same. On a more related note, I also definitely agree with your assessment of Professor Alia’s class. I have taken two classes with her, both managerial statistics and decision sciences, and I definitely consider her as one of my favorite teachers as Bucknell. I also understand your comments on being pushed overall. I came from a very competitive high school, and remember thinking, when a lot of my other friends were complaining about how challenging their first semester freshman year was, that mine was pretty easy. However, I guess my response to that was to take as many “out there” courses as I possibly could, and that has been where I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my education, and found it challenging because many of the courses I’ve taken have not been in my comfort zone at all.

  4. Jordi says:

    Mercado Burrito has some decent hot sauces now, but overall, you are right. Local cuisine is notable for perogies (a mashed potato dumpling? are you kidding?) and some abomination called chicken-n-waffles.

  5. Jordi says:

    High School was more challenging? Wow. So your high school was very,very good. OR, we are not doing what we should here (the faculty).

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