A “Lifetime of Success” ?

Based on the  results from the The Postgraduate Report of Activity for the Class of 2011.”95% of liberal arts alumni say they benefited “very much” from a majority of classes taught by professors, more than any other group of graduates”. The report also explains that Bucknell University graduates, and alumni of liberal arts institutions across the country, place a high value on their investment in a college education.

With the plethora of classes available to Bucknell‘s student body, in addition to having one of the highest tuition in the nation, it is expected that students utilize their education to their full advantage.  Will you get a fair return on your education?  What would be “fair” anyway?

This week is a chance to reflect back.  Tell us what your learned that will lead to a “lifetime of success.”  You may use the following to get the ball rolling.

  • Over the course of your college career at Bucknell would you consider your education useful toward your career aspirations?
  • Has there been a certain course or department that stands out?
  • Have you experienced a course you would deem unhelpful toward your academic or career aspirations?

Finally, just to avoid (ahw-kward!) conflicts, this class is off limits.

And finally, here is a classic protest song from the 1950s by the folk trio, The Kingston Trio that sounds sweet, but skewers many cherished ideas of learning.


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