Collegiate Leaders Lead the Cannabis Movement:

Cannabis has been around since before human civilization began and its use has been documented since around that time. It is a plant that grows in the ground, whose buds happen to produce side-effects that have the potential to contribute to a persons mental, physical and spiritual development. At its core, however, Cannabis is a plant that have been demonized and made illegal to grow, possess or consume. Though it’s effects routinely lead to much, much healthier behavior and outcomes than, say, Alcohol consumption, it continues to be heavily punished at Bucknell University. Though it has never killed anyone, or increased the likelihood of violence, or sent anyone to the hospital, it is punished much heavier than underage alcohol consumption. Furthermore, such rules put students and Public Safety at odds when they shouldn’t be – except for the whole federal legality of the matter (point-taken). But then again, aren’t Universities, on some level, supposed to lead the country’s movements – not crush them? Pennsylvania isn’t waiting for Washington D.C.’s permission! There is a bill to be introduced in Pennsylvania’s Senate for the legalization of Marijuana. Bucknell University, on the other hand, suspends you from Campus for an entire semester if you are caught 2 times. Is smoking “weed” 2 times really just cause for all the major consequences that follow such an ordeal? Does it stop those who smoke from smoking? No. Does it needlessly punish students for participating in an activity that, by all measures, betters “Campus Climate”? Yes. Should we change the policy and advance the national cause that has the backing of greater than half of the American public? YES.


Nationally-focused White Paper on the Semi-Legalization of Cannabis:

Marijuana, as a psychoactive substance, has the potential to introduce its consumers to, and help them understand, fundamental truths about the world, time and existence. Such experiences, however, are not for everyone – just as college is not for everyone. Thus, I propose that Marijuana only be made legal for a new classification of American Citizen. This classification would be similar to attaining one’s drivers license. Citizens would be required to take Cannabis Education courses that focus on its health and mental effects as well as smoking laws before being legally allowed to smoke it. By creating a “new classification” that allows one to consume marijuana, professions (Doctors come to mind) can integrate a stricter code for their profession that bars its members from entering (or requires them to leave) this “new classification.” This would also allow certain crimes to be punishable by a revocation of their “Cannabis Card” for a period of time, and/or would allow the government to bar certain citizens from legally smoking Cannabis (mentally challenged individuals, perhaps, until more research into its effects on such patients can be determined).


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