Sorry these blog awards aren’t witty and humorous as everyone’s posts have been in the past. I think Matt has made up for everyone at this point so here is the recognition for this week’s Sustainability posts.


Everyone’s a winner.

Illuminating Award for a Good Example: This award goes to Abby for her post this week. She uses a great example about tuna fishing by illustrating, “However, a sustainable capitalist would point out that by lowering the quantity of tuna we fish today, we are actually preserving the resource, so that we can still be profitable in the future”. This example sparked a lot of conversation and helped to drive her point about an overlapping view of sustainable capitalism.

St. PAtrick (patron saint) of Engineers: This award goes to Matt. I specifically enjoyed this sentence, “Sucking up as much energy as you can, wiping out and gorging all of your local resources, spreading pollution, using dangerous chemicals; all this will do is drive people away or result in self-implosion”. Had typical Matt flare-diction and helped to analyze the sociological consequences of not practicing sustainability.

Herbery Spencer for social Darwinism: This award goes to Eric, or Ke$ha it seems like. Eric explains, “Regardless of your beliefs, one must accept that nature existed before the evolution of man and therefore represents the lineage of a more ancient past than ourselves – and ensuring that such a thing endures is morally good”. Eric makes some really great philosophical points and focuses on finding a balance to “achieve a sustainable, capitalistic future.

Mises Award for Seeing the Entreprenurial Possibility: This award goes to Loukas. He was the only one who brought up a conversation about externalities: “Even if one deems the sole goal of capitalism is maximizing profits, there is a great deal of profit to be made in solving externalities”. I thought that to be thought-provoking along with his mention of profit maximization in terms of sustainability

Provocateur Award for being…provocative: A couple of us disagreed with Charles, but I thought his post to be the most though provoking this week. Charles argued that “sustainability will lose because capitalism is so strong”. While his argument had merit, the discussion that came out of his post was the most interesting to me, and I think that’s a very important attribute to successful blogging.

Sustainability and Society’s Ignorance: Once you mention Adam Smith you know you’re going down a right path in this class. I appreciated his argument, capitalism is meant to create a sustainable society because through acting in self interest, one is actually acting in the interest of the nation and society as a whole”. Linking back to the father of modern day capitalism allowed his argument to flow nicely, and raised some important questions about sustainability for the future.

Efficiency Award for linking to Paper 2:  I really liked how Lindsey’s post was full of links. From linking her argument about sustainability and capitalism to her Paper 2, she argues, ” If the companies focus on what is right for stakeholders and the environment, the profit will come”. She helps to satisfy the needs of a company to the needs of the earth, and saw what was useful to run a sustainable company.

Okay I’m actually late for class now. Great posts everybody!


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