Fracking is also a made up substitute for “fuck” in the world of the great sci fi show Battlestar Galactica.   When you know this, it is hard to listen to Shale debate the same.  Fracking right!

“What Has Capitlaism Done for Us Latley?”

Minute 11- Sheila Blair on Jamie Dimon and willingness to see examiners.

Minute 18 “Cost of doing business.”

Dimon changed internal risk management model.

But Mr. Dimon’s critics point to the Senate report, which revealed that he was informed for months about potential problems with the trading position at the bank’s chief investment office. Rather than rein in the risk, the subcommittee found that Mr. Dimon had allowed the bank to alter its internal alarm system in January 2012, enabling the traders to continue building the big bets. While Mr. Dimon has said he did not recall authorizing the shift, the subcommittee cited an e-mail in which he said: “I approve.”

GOv Source: Full Hearing Transcript from the Senate committee.

Mintue 19 $16 billion in defense fees, $8 billion in fines.

Sources for above.

1) Campaign for AMerica’s Future.

2) Graham Fisher, investment analysis. 

1) Was Dimon being ethical to alter risk models?

2) Is JP MOrgan chase economically rational to spend 12% of its profit margin settling regulatory problems?

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