I watched two presentations by David Orr online and they were both equally impressive. Sustainability is a very serious problem which I think our generation has largely not realized. With that said, one has to ask, if we continue to ignore the problem of our generation how will we ensure our survival as a human race? David Orr does a phenomenal job of answering this question. In the first clip I watched of him giving a presentation on the Oberlin Project, he explained that the first step that needs to be taken is for our generation to realize that climate change is the number one problem in the world right now. This message is a huge part of the Oberlin Project which seeks to take the town of Oberlin in Ohio and the college contained in the town and use it as a road map for other communities to develop more sustainable elements in their society. He explains how he plans to use the project so that larger communities that are a part of the rust belt, such as Detroit and Cleveland, can incorporate some of these elements. I thought this was a unique approach because this was the first time where someone was taking the issue of climate change and tackling it from the “inside out.” As a result of this initiative, communities across the country would be able to have an effective blueprint on how to adopt more sustainable practices into their societies.

The second clip I watched of David Orr was equally impressive. This was due to the fact that he explained two different consequences that would occur if we did not change the way we live our lives. The first consequence of our actions, if unchanged, is that we will simply destroy the planet. However, the second consequence would be that we would be pushed out by other entities of our creation that he explains could “breed” themselves. Orr goes on to explain that these creatures consist of elements of nano technology and artificial intelligence that would make our species inferior and therefore not needed. After hearing this argument, I immediately thought of the Matrix and Terminator movies where the downfall of the human race is a consequence of our own ingenuity.

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