I went to the Sustainability talk at 10 a.m. which basically aimed at defining sustainability and its implications.  Sustainable development was defined as development that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. So the obvious issue was raised “can we achieve sustainable development while capitalism exists?” 

       Another point that was made in this talk was that we need to think of sustainability and justice as separate but closely related. This is so because sustainability is not an end in itself we want to be sustainable because it is just.

           These two points touch on point of this class which aims at showing how business, government and society are related.Sustainability asks whether or not we can develop an sustainable way of life for ourselves and our descendants in the current system of capitalism?Because it dissects the effect of capitalism on our society, today and for future generations.If not what needs to be changed? If change is needed this would be the role of the government to implement. 

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  1. Hi there – would you mind expanding a bit further on what you mean by writing that sustainability “dissects the effect of capitalism on our society”? I think I understand, but would love a bit more explanation. Thank you!

  2. Charles says:

    Sorry for the late reply Rosie. What I meant when I said “sustainability dissects the effect of capitalism on our society” is that sustainability sees that growth is at the heart of capitalism. Many proponents of sustainability think capitalism is a major cause of us running out of natural resources . So some would argue that sustainability and capitalism are at odds with one another. Hope that helps.

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