I attended the 1:00 lecture about Curriculum: How can principles of sustainability be incorporated in diverse disciplines and degree programs? I found it interesting and exciting how this one subject is generating new classes and degree programs here at Bucknell. Tom DiStefano discussed the new environmental engineering degree, which incorporates sustainable perspectives but also integrates social science and humanities approaches to sustainability. The school of management’s sustainability major is also requiring this same integration, as Tammy Hiller explained. I think this integration is key to these degree programs because sustainability has so many different aspects to it and it’s important to study the different fields to get a complete picture on the topic.


While I am excited about these new programs, I am also extremely jealous. It’s upsetting to us juniors and seniors to hear about all the new programs in the school of management that we don’t get to experiment. Yes I am sounding very self-centered right now but I am sure many of you feel the same way that I do. If only we entered into college one or two years later and we would be able to experience these focused curriculums. So while I enjoyed this talk, it also was frustrating to sit through since we can’t experience these cool new opportunities.

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