ImageI went to the 1 o’clock panel on pushing more sustainability in majors and creating classes for a more diverse group of majors.  Overall I feel like this is a beneficial idea for student because sustainability is only going to become more and more discussed in the real world.  Sustainability also fits perfectly into a lot of our ethical discussions.  In the future, where are we going to rank the stakeholders of the environment and world compared to shareholders, employees, and customers?  I do however think that the professors greatly over exaggerated the issue of students in different majors being unable to communicate with each other or understand where the other is coming from.  Currently I am in a somewhat engineering based class that is half engineers and half any other major and everyone is perfectly capable of communicating adequately.  Even in BGS, Matt is an engineer and he certainly does not have an issue getting a point across.  In general, if this program is implemented correct, it can seriously be a huge benefit to Bucknell students.

Long Live the Fairy Shrimp.

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  1. eric says:

    I like your use of Fairy Shrimp to illustrate the emotional connection to sustainability. And yes, I think it’d be good for everyone!

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