When I was looking at potential schools to go to,I narrowed down my choices to Bucknell and Lehigh. I heard one rumor that these schools are pretty similar in the sense that they both have rigorous academics, and as result students relieves themselves by partying hard. When I finally chose to go to Bucknell, I found this to be true. Students at this school seem to embrace the mantra work hard, play hard. “Playing hard” includes most of Greek Life but is not limited to Greek Life. Students cherish the opportunity to go out and relieve tension, stress and pent up energy in any way they see fit. So when the Campus Climate report came out it was taken as an direct assault on the freedoms of students. Because of this is was not well received by most of the student population.

             The Campus Climate  report tried to address the unacceptable amount of binge drinking on campus. In my opinion a lot of this “binge drinking” is done by underage students. The amount of students who go the hospital because of alcohol poisoning with their life hanging on a thread is outrageous o. The report’s aim was to make known to the campus these results and try to curb them as much as possible. Regardless of its effectiveness we must ask ourselves wherein lies the blame for the misuse of alcohol on our campus?

            I think the blame can be placed on both the administration and Greek life. The administration because they know most people drinking are underage and they do not seem to doing anything about it and Greek Life for allowing the same thing. I think they also need to jointly take initiative and attempt to create alternatives for students on campus. Whether that be throwing parties with non-alcoholic drinks, hosting events, bringing in speakers, or  hosting concerts.Greek life and administration have considerable power and sway over this campus and i think it is their responsibility to jointly use their power to create a healthier campus.          

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  1. Lindsey F. says:

    I agree that the majority of binge drinking comes from students underage. But putting the blame totally on the administration and greek life is a little much in my opinion. There are non alcoholic events on campus almost every weekend. Look at ACE, they literally sponsor an even every weekend. We have concerts every semester but they’re expensive, we can’t have them all the time. Same with speakers- it’s a lot of money. And parties without drinks are held at uptown a lot. I think the administration is doing what they can but they can’t monitor every single student. Mainly the blame is on the students themselves. And personally, I think it’s ridiculous that people say they have to be wasted to have fun at a party because I go out sober or with only having one or two drinks all the time and still have fun.

  2. Charles says:

    Maybe I was too rash, but what would you consider to be the solution?

  3. Steph P. says:

    I feel like the drinking culture here at Bucknell is already established so much that there really is no solution that would work short-term. I agree that the students are at fault, but I also believe the administration could do a better job. I know ACE puts on events, but many of the events run out of food or aren’t really that fun. I’m not greek, and I do go out sometimes, but I have gone to the ACE events and they really haven’t been that entertaining. For students like myself who seek an alternative to the party weekends, the options are few and are not engaging.

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  5. Abby says:

    While I agree with you that there is a serious binge drinking problem on campus, I disagree that the answer is finding many non-alcoholic solutions. I think that at this point, the administration needs to accept that drinking is a part of University culture. This is not a Bucknell situation, but rather a country wide problem. Therefore, I think the solution lies in trying to find a way for students to drink in a safer way. It reminds me of prohibition in the United States in the 20’s …. it doesn’t work!!! There is no way for the administration to convince people not to drink, so the attitude towards it needs to switch. While I agree that having many options avaliable throughout the weekend, I think that creating an environment where students didn’t have to fear going outside having had a beer would create a safer drinking atmosphere.

    • Jordi says:

      Ugh. How many times do I have to say this. The university cannot “make it safer for students to drink.” This would be encouraging or permitting an illegal behavior. I think the law is stupid, but Bucknell risks massive problems if it “makes it safer for underage students to drink safely.”

      How would it do this, in your opinion?

  6. wesmw says:

    I have to agree with Abby on this one. The answer is not finding non-alcoholic solutions because students will continue to drink no matter what. I also think you are over exaggerating the problem of underage drinking. Most students at Bucknell and other college and universities across the country contain mostly kids that are younger than 21. With that said, this is one of many examples where Bucknell is being singled out for a problem that is wider in scope than many realize.

  7. Jordi says:

    I think what the administration has done to limit underage drinking is exactly what has aggravated many students and Greek organizations.

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