This week, as we go off for Spring Break, our blog will have a positive spin! Find an example of a company (or organization) that you feel best demonstrates good Stakeholder behavior, besides Whole Foods, and give the reasoning behind your choice. In order to make sure there are a variety of companies, please write the name of the company of your choice in the comment section below. In addition  we will be having a “most views” contest this week, to see if which blogger receives the most views by Friday. Good luck!

Contest- who can get the most views?

This week there will be a special award for whoever gets the most views.  A view is when someone clicks on to your actual post.  For example, if you click on our blog stats, you can see “top authors” and “top posts.”  The”top” there is measuring views.  As of today, the top posts of last 30 days are (minus the “home” page):

Session 6 Snaps 18
Connect to Campus Events (Blog 4) 15
About- Contest Rules 13
Resources for Writing (News, Blogs, and More) 9
Blog 5- Interesting People Here, There and Everywhere 9
Go to China! And a poll! 8
Coffee: the World’s Most Devious Killer? 8
“Malnutrition in rural China” 7
The injustice of justice, The Most Pressing Issue of 21th century? 7
The Alluring Awards 7

I am DESTROYING all of you in this category!  Look, the highest one by a student writer is Matt still living large on his Coffee post .   You all need to knock me off my perch.

Reward: one week off of blogging or +2 points on your final grade, whichever you prefer (they are roughly equivalent.)
Your goal is to be in the #1 slot for this week.

Tips: promote your post on all social media, by email, use tags, use the “zemanta” extra content to link to other posts.

Interesting People

High Achievers:  Forbes  magazine list of “30 under 30.”  Lots of sectors.  Actual lists may be thin on detail requiring some additional poking around.

Young Entrepreneurs “Meet the Change Foundation.”  List of young entrepreneurs in Fast Company.

Creatives: “100 Creative People in Business” also from Fast Company.

Geniuses:2011 MacArthur Fellows– people who are granted $1,000,000 each for being brilliant in their chosen field.  These are the so-called “genius” awards.  You can pick any year.

Visionaries:People who are doing on the ground work to make real, meaningful social change who have met the Ashoka Foundation’s rigorous criteria for social entrepreneurship.  You can search by many criteria- geography, kind of work, year elected and so on.

Millenials: The 2011 “Do Something” award winners and finalists (focused on community service and social change)


Fast Company (magazine)

Fast Company (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Various green or environmentally-oriented lists:

Aspen Institute’s First Movers Fellows.  Any Year is fine.

Global 100  Forbes’ Article on this.

Rocky Mountain Institute Reinventing Fire “Champions”

Newsweek’s Top Green Companies business and technology section

About Jordi

I am an assistant professor in the Management School at Bucknell University. I specialize in organization theory, social networks, and studying the network society. I have three children, including twins. They love bouncing on the couch, legos, music, and my waffles. My wife teaches English at the same university. I am interested in most things, but these days, networks, social entrepreneurs, the environment, innovation, and virtual worlds. Finding Hidden Abodes and Shaking Iron Cages since 1972

7 responses »

  1. Lindsey F. says:

    I was thinking of doing Patagonia- it’s ethically and environmentally a leader in the business sector.

  2. Loukas T says:

    I am going to be doing Timberland. Very involved in bettering its foreign and domestic employees’ lives through incentive programs, financial tutoring, and overall sustainability.

  3. Can I throw one in from the peanut gallery? I doubt it’s something any students would know about. They are really quite wonderful and working to reduce their customers’ and their own environmental impact, though because they work to reduce consumption it has a perverse dampening effect on their bottom line. I love them, but I don’t purchase from them regularly because they make that unnecessary.

  4. Jordi says:

    😀 Maybe we can get Northface and REI in here to round out the outdoor sector! Actually, REI is very interesting.

  5. Matthew Cherewka says:

    Although I recognize the irony of this situation, I’ll take Starbucks

  6. eric says:

    my B. In my frantic miscalculation (thinking the post was due last night) I wrote on Starbucks. Matt, if you’d like Starbucks too feel free, I can do NOLS in addition to my Starbucks post, that way the NOLS can be my ‘official’ post and we don’t ‘officially’ have a duplicate. (Does that work ok professor Jordi?)

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