This week we decided to present the Alluring Awards. After discussing the blogs, we believed that they were all rather interesting. Therefore, we found synonyms for the word interesting and paired the best fitting word with each blog.

The Riveting Award- Matt
Matt searched for a tech/no speaker and found Mr. Kaku. He described Mr. Kaku saying “theoretical physicist who graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University and received his Ph.D. from Berkeley. He has become world renowned for his uncanny ability to popularize and translate incredibly complex scientific and physics principles into layman’s terms.” These traits of Mr. Kaku make him a great candidate for speaking at Bucknell (if he has time!).

The Compelling Award-Loukas

Loukas attended the talk by Heather Ann Thompson on the prison system. He stated how he was surprised at the consequences that private and public sectors face due to the prison system. Also, he commented that he was surprised about the fact that most felons couldn’t vote in state or federal elections. His blog left the reader wanting to do something about the current situation.

The Engrossing Award- Steph

Steph decided to search Tedtalks for a speaker for the tech/no series. She found Charles Leadbeater. She describes his arguments saying, “He stresses that contrary to popular belief, society does not need an organization to be organized. Individuals can achieve large and complex tasks like innovating new programs, tools, or products on their own.” Steph argues that Mr. Leadbeater should come to Bucknell because students normally are solely concerned with making money but we need to break away from this corporate-driven mentality.

The Fascinating Award- Abby

Abby also researched a speaker for the tech/no series. She found Sherry Turkle. Turkle discusses the issue of social interaction via technology. Professor Turkle says how technology allows people to keep their distance while maintaining a conversation. Abby states, “I think Sherry Turkle offers a unique perspective on the use of technology as a psychologist and a social studies professor, and would bring an interesting lecture to our campus. And a discussion that is very relevant to our lives today.”

The Tease Award- Charles

Charles also went to see Heather Anne Thompson. We gave Charles this award because after reading his blog, we were hoping for a little something extra. In the beginning, Charles states “ I went to this lecture with some understanding from my own experience of the disproportional number of minorities behind bars. However, if Thompson’s conclusion is correct this issue is bigger and more complex then I ever imagined.” We hoped to hear more about your own experiences in relation to the lecture.

Stream of Consciousness Award- Eric

Eric went to the Arianna Huffington lecture. He compared her lecture about getting away from technology to some of his own experiences of solo expeditions and time away from civilization. We awarded this to Eric because as Jordi stated “Are you allergic to the return button?”

The Mediator Award- Wes

Wes searched for a tech/no speaker and found Mr. Laszlo. Mr Laszlo discusses the idea of sustainability with a focus on business. We gave Wes the mediator award because he mentioned how Bucknell would benefit form this speaker due to the fact that the lecture would attract both engineers and management students.

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    • wesmw says:

      I was thinking about doing Dreamworks. They have consistently been voted as one of the best companies to work for.

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