BGS MGMT 312 Notes 2.22.13

White Paper

  • Genre of writing to help a decision maker think through policy options for a given problem.
  • Takes what’s known-trying to synthesize existing research where things are problematic-to give a recommendation on policy alternatives.


  • Aspen institute and “Patient  Capital”
  • Too Big to Fail” and Dodd-Frank Act
  • Global Minimum Wage (more of a solution); differences in labour costs
  • Rating Agency and how they’re compensated
  • Campaign finance and contributions leading to regulatory capture(the one that is regulated “captures” the regulator)
  • Marijuana legalization
  • Private Prisons: case or a policy
  • Lobbying reform

Paper 2

  • Nike
  • Sears and Financial Reporting
  • Reebok
  • S&P’s

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