After looking at the various fields and their respective persons, I immediately knew that I wanted to find the ideal person that would be able to come to Bucknell and offer an interesting discussion on sustainability. However, sustainability is such a broad topic. Of course we all know what it means in the sense that it should be our goal to make choices that will sustain ourselves and the environment in which we live in. However, in order to really grab the audience and emphasize the role sustainability can play in our society, how is one supposed to project this topic in an engaging manner? After researching the three individuals listed under the topic of sustainability and watching videos of them presenting, I came to the conclusion that in order for someone to give a successful talk on sustainability at Bucknell, they would need to go in a different direction. Not to say that these individuals were not intelligent or qualified, but they did not bring anything to the table that we did not already really know about sustainability and global warming.

With these things considered, I sought to find someone who could come to Bucknell and talk about environmental sustainability in a different light. Hence, after researching on the internet I came across an individual named Chris Laszlo Mr. Laszlo comes from a successful and diverse business background and is a professor at the Weatherhead School of Management. Furthermore, he founded his own consulting firm called Sustainable Value Partners, which works “with senior leaders in some of the world’s largest companies to transform societal opportunities and risks into sources of competitive advantage” (Weatherhead). He also has extensive experience both as a professor and guest speaker at a number of different venues.

Consequently, I think that Mr. Laszlo would be an ideal key speaker to come to Bucknell not only because he is extremely knowledgeable about sustainability, but also because he can speak about it in a business sense of view. From past experiences, I have learned that a large portion of Bucknell students avoid going to speaker events on campus that are not required because the topic does not apply to them or interest them. However, with sustainability being a huge theme at Bucknell along with business and engineering, I think that Mr. Laszlo would be a great individual to give a lecture on the role sustainability can play both in society and business.

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  1. eric says:

    You just missed it, Tony Cortese from “Second Nature” gave a lecture last week called,
    “From Leonardo da Vinci to Higher Education:
    Lead us on a Healthy, Just and Sustainable Path Now”

    It was interesting.
    I agree though, the more people we can have come to campus to talk about sustainability the better!

  2. Charles says:

    Its interesting watching Lazlo’s video because I previously thought before reading your blog and watching the video that sustainability was an inhibitor to profitability. But he seems to advocate that sustainability is a means of competitive advantage for a company in a number of ways. Lazlo would be a good person to come to Bucknell. People will come, as long he is adequately advertised, and scheduled at a reasonable time.

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