ImageHello and welcome to the first blog committee awards ceremony.  Three posts will be recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Best Overall Post:

Coffee: the World’s Most Devious Killer?

In this post Matt explained to us the concept of ‘Product Archaeology’ in regards to the coffee industry.  Here he explained the little known background of our coffee and seamlessly integrated Bucknell into the discussion.  All the facts were laid out but Matt added in his own take on the state of the industry.  “Taking the time to dissect a widespread commodity like this does bring up important facts…I would like to keep [coffee] affordable but not at the expense of others.”

Post that created the most Buzz: The Ethics of Progress: a difference in perspective

After seeing Rebecca Skloot’s presentation about Henrietta Lacks, Eric brought us many ethical concerns to think about.  Did the ends justify the means? Do we value medical progress over individual feelings?  Here he used all three schools of ethical thought to attack these questions from different angles.  “The ethics of the matter…are quite murky.  When understood from different perspectives, one can come to quite different conclusions.”

Editor’s Choice: “the future of lying”

In a post that was answering the other class’ prompt, Lindsey told us about potential guest speaker, Jeff Hancock, who focuses on deception though communication devices, or lack thereof.  In this interesting TED talk Jeff dispels the common belief that lying is more abundant online, via text message, or over the phone.  The talk is definitely worth a listen and hopefully Lindsey made a strong enough case that we can get Jeff Hancock to come to the school.  “Jeff Hancock is lively, entertaining, and brings up relevant points that I think students would be interested to hear about.”

Congratulations to our three winners and come back next week for the 2nd annual Blogscars.

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