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Today, I can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one Apple product in people’s hands. It’s amazing to me that one company can have such an impact on society. Don’t get me wrong; I am definitely one of those people. My Apple experience started with the iPod. And honestly, I feel spoiled when I think about the history of my Apple purchases. Let’s start with the Ipod mini, the blue chunky one. I then had to progess to getting the Ipod Video when it came out. But wait, then the Ipod touch was released and I had to have that. In high school I was required to have a laptop but we could only have Dells. So as soon as I could pick my laptop, I went straight for the MacBook Pro. And after one year at college without a smartphone, I knew I had to have the iPhone 4. This list doesn’t even include every member of my family doing basically the same thing. And what amazes me is that I barely use a 1/3 of the functions that these products actually have.


I consider myself to be mildly tech-savvy; I know how to use these products and know some of the tricks but I only scrath the surface of Apple products’ capabilities. Like most Americans, I use my laptop and phone for the social aspect: facebook, twitter, instagram, texting, the usual applications. When I actually think about how little I know about these products, I feel like I am wasting this amazing technology. Apple products are loaded with applications and functions that go behind my tech-knowledge. Steve Jobs and the technology department at Apple really thought of everything when designing their products and I question my loyalty to Apple when I realize that I barely know anything about the products or the company. Listening to Mike Daisy talking about the conditions in Apple’s factories, I realize how little I know about Apple. I think about the amount of money my family and I have invested into the company and I can’t believe that we do this without knowing the real company. Either I am ignorant or naïve, or both, but I am almost positive that most Apple users feel the same way that I do. I know that not every student in college that owns an Apple product uses it to its full capability. So why does everyone HAVE to own the latest Apple products?


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  1. wmw014 says:

    Like you, I also feel discouraged that I do not use almost half of the functions that the iphone and ipad are capable of performing. It does almost feel like we are wasting technology. However, I felt that I have never had enough time to explore the technologies because Apple releases new products at such a fast rate that by the time I have just got acquainted with one product, I am looking to buy the next. Personally, it does not seem like a sustainable strategy since it appears Apple does not let their customers enjoy their products enough before the next one comes out. However, I also find it fascinating that, although there are probably thousands of people like you and me, there are also thousands of people who within the first week of having their new iphone or ipad completely explore the technologies that each product has to offer.

  2. mbc014 says:

    I have to disagree with both of you, I tend to side with the tech geeks on this debate. The beauty of the current tech market is the constant evolution. Apple is a brilliant company because from its beginnings it was designed for programmers, artists, designers, and anyone who wanted more out of a computer than a glorified calculator and word-processor. Everything they do is design-centric, because they understand the importance of ergonomics and how under-appreciated simplicity is. They also design the interface to be easy enough for typical consumers to use, but if you really want to probe, you can do so much more. That is why tech startups spring up left and right, and why the current tech market is constantly introducing new products and upgrades. They really brought technology to everyone and allowed people who wouldn’t have used this tech to make it their own, to mold the tool to their needs. Although most people are attracted to Apple simply for its sleek devices, friendly interfaces and sheer coolness, a significant proportion of Apple owners go to them for so much more. And so, while for some people it seems ridiculous that a bunch of Silicon Valley nerds wait in line for days for the new iPhone that’s slightly longer, thinner, and has an LTE network, it is, in actuality, vital to the evolution of technology and the rise of mass entrepreneurism as a whole.

  3. ajc028 says:

    I find myself coming down somewhere in the middle of the three comments, because I think that while it does seem ridiculous that people are sometimes more concerned with ‘what’s coming out next’ than what they already have, it is simply human nature. We are curious. We want to know what is coming next. We want to get things better than what we already own. While this sometimes results in waste and dissatisfaction, it also results in innovation. No major breakthroughs in human history happened because people were completely happy with their current situation. We want what’s next. We want change. We want to evolve. So, in this sense, it is both humanity’s best and worst quality.

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