Although I am not as much as a technology guru as Mr. Daisy, I did identify several similarities between he and myself when it comes to establishing a relationship with Apple. Growing up, I became increasingly intrigued by Apple and it’s various innovative products. In fact, one can break down the past decade into phases through looking at Apple’s release of several versions of its ipod, iphone, and ipad. With that said, I specifically remember when my relationship with Apple started when I received my first ipod. It was Apple’s second generation of this innovative product and one had to place their finger on the circle in the middle of the ipod in order to scroll up and down the various menus. That was almost ten years ago and it is amazing to think how far the ipod has come since that time. As my family purchased newer versions of the ipod I always fantasized that these unique machines were being manufactured in some state of the art facility with thousands of high tech machines.

Although my family and I have always had ipods, we didn’t necessarily use Apple computers or phones. However, this drastically changed when I became a freshman here at Bucknell. At the conclusion of that year, each member of my family had an iphone, a mac computer, and an ipod. We, along with thousands of other families across the United States, had officially become an Apple family. Thus, I realized that the increase in the number of apple products amongst my family was a small representation of what was actually occurring across the United States. Consequently, after I realized this fact, I came to the conclusion that Steve Jobs was the most innovative man in America running the most economically and ethically sound company.

As a result of becoming intrigued by the popularity of Apple and its CEO, I formed this conclusion above without really thinking about where these amazing products were coming from. In addition, I also did not realize how ruthless Steve Jobs could be. Thus, I have come to a second conclusion that the extravagant technology contained in Apple’s products has overwhelmed their users so much that they have little time to realize where and how the product is being manufactured.

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  1. cjt017 says:

    My story is not similar to yours, but I do agree that Apple products have mesmorized us to the point of not even considering how and where these products where made. I mean it is interesting to think that Apple does not make any of its products. It is scary for conscious consumers like ourselves,because it begs the question now that we have this information what are we going to do with it?

  2. laf024 says:

    I have a similar experience as yours. I grew up always getting the next generation of Ipod until I got to college and got a MacBook Pro and Iphone. I like your realization that our own increase in apple products only represented a small portion of the Apple movement around the world. I’ve never given it much thought but I definitely agree with you that the impact Apple has made on our culture is tremendous. It’s hard to grasp just how much Steve Jobs has changed society.

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