1) What is this “quality of mind “that Mills advocates in the text Sociological Imagination?

Mills answers this question by stating that the sociological imagination enables “us to grasp History and biography and the relations between the two within society”.  In other words one must broaden their view and think of themselves in different terms. It is crucial for individuals to understand their relationship with society; humanity has a mutual constitution relationship with society.  Humans created society, yet humans are still governed by society and in a sense created by. This quality of mind allows people to understand that they are not their own island; their actions are interconnected with others. As soon as people grasp this quality of mind they will be equipped to face common day issues effectively. This will be possible because they will be able to pinpoint the actual origin of their problems rather than narrowly looking at life and seeing oneself as an independent individual.

2) Do Universities actually teach that Business and Ethics are like oil and water?

I am not a professional on this subject by any means but I will offer my humble opinion guided from my experience at Bucknell. As many know Bucknell is a liberal arts school and because of that students have to take many courses that do not relate to their major to graduate. What I have experienced in my non-major courses, from philosophers and the like is that absolute truth does not exist and that everything is relative. It seems that often times that people take from that “truth” or “the right thing to do” is only the convenient thing to do. I find that at school today most times people think cheating is wrong unless they didn’t have enough time to study, or really need to get into this school. Once integrity becomes inconvenient it gets thrown out the door. Maybe I am drawing a connection where there is not a connection to begin with or maybe I am on the something, whatever the case I believe that Universities imply that not only business and ethics don’t go together but any profession. I believe if one is willing to compromise on a homework assignment why wouldn’t they when they could get more money?

3) Shouldn’t it be common sense for businesses to act ethically?

It seems common sense for a business to operate responsibly right? I mean think if you owned a company and you wanted to be successful not only while you were alive but also through generations. I think within that model one would have to make sure their business is sustainable so that it will last and won’t collapse on itself it the coming years. I would assume that company leaders would put themselves in the shoes of the customers and act in their best interest, for example companies in the food industry should strive to produce food that they would feed to their own family. I think that to be a good model as a company leader, I think it’s foolish for companies to try to find every trick in the book to get over on their customers. People consider ethics to be changing because laws are being in place for companies to operate within certain guidelines, but companies who live in that model companies will never last long.  I think it is in a business’s best interest to act ethically however I think companies have ethics misconstrued because they think it’s about abiding by some laws rather than “doing unto others as you would want them to do to you”.


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